What is Kief and How Do We Use It?

3 min readNov 9, 2021


If you’ve ever seen those tiny, sticky crystals that cover cannabis flower, you might have wondered what it was called. While it is known as dry sift or pollen, it can also be dubbed ‘kief’.

Kief serves an essential purpose, as it refers to the resin glands which house the terpenes and cannabinoids that helps to make cannabis unique. While it is possible that marijuana without kief still contains cannabinoids, the resin glands that form on the flower is what truly makes the biggest impact.

Built-In Protection

One of the primary functions of kief is that it serves to protect the cannabis plant in the wild. It is part of the trichome, or the guardian portion of the plant. While some carnivorous plants use their trichome to catch its prey, such as the venus flytrap and insects, the cannabis plant uses it to deter herbivores.

One way it does this is by creating a strong and foul odor that animals would find unappealing. That, coupled with the psychoactive effects it can have when consumed, also serves as a way to ward off hungry predators.

How is it used?

Now that you have a bit of background information regarding kief, it’s time to look at how it’s used.

  • Crowning a Bowl: One of the most popular uses for kief is by sprinkling into a packed bowl of cannabis. This will serve to dramatically increase the overall potency of your high.
  • Add to a Joint: Thanks to the sticky quality of ground cannabis, it makes for an easy joint roll. Layer in a bit of kief and you’re sure to have quality smoke. Ensure that you mix it in well so that it is spread evenly throughout the joint roll.
  • Turn Kief Into Hash: Hash is well known because it is one of the oldest forms of refined cannabis. It is created by extracting kief, and then heating and pressurizing it. This causes the resin glands to rupture, changing the composition of the kief, as well as its flavor and the types of effects it produces.
  • Press Rosin: Rosin has been a rising star in the cannabis community for some time thanks to its concentration and potency. While this process is usually done with flower and is a method to preserve cannabinoids, higher yields can actually be achieved by pressing kief.
  • Add Potency to Cannabutter: If you’re someone who enjoys cooking or creating edibles with cannabutter, and you are looking to step up the potency of your creations, then add a little kief to your next batch. Just be sure that your kief is intermixed well with your flower.

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