Does Cannabis Have an Expiration Date? How To Tell When Your Weed is Past Its Prime

3 min readMar 11, 2022


Many customers come into our weed dispensary in Santa Ana with the same question: does weed go bad? Since cannabis is an organic substance, it only makes sense that it has a set lifecycle and is prone to decay over time. The last thing you want is to try to smoke leaves that are dried out or molded over. Not only will this taste horrible, but it will be less potent and likely will be unsatisfying.

So how can you tell if your weed is past its prime? Keep reading, as we have some information that could help!

Use Your Senses

Just like when determining if that milk in your fridge is still good to go or needs to be poured down the drain, you can rely on three of your senses to figure out if your weed is still good.


Inspect your weed and look it over. This is one of the fastest ways to figure out if it’s good to go or needs to be tossed. Fresh cannabis is bright, vibrant, and you should be able to see shiny, crystalized trichomes on the leaves. On the other hand, old cannabis looks dry, lackluster, and can easily crumble or fall apart. If you see mold on the surface, that is also a sure sign that it just needs to be thrown out.


When you pick up the buds, pay attention to how they feel in your hands. The texture will be very telling. If it is dry and brittle, it will crumble easily and you will know that the weed is no longer good. Also, if the bud has been exposed to too much moisture, it will be soggy and heavy. Either way, it’s time to ditch that old stuff and visit our weed dispensary in Santa Ana for some fresh product!


If something is rotten, your nose will tell you. One of the best things about fresh cannabis is getting to savor the aroma, as that is what also gives it a rich flavor when it comes time to smoke. However, once it’s gone bad, you’ll easily know. Your weed won’t have this distinct and powerful fragrance. In fact, it may even smell musty.

Cut Your Losses

Can you still smoke weed even after it’s gone bad? Well, just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. The experience will not be a pleasant one, as the flavor will be terrible and the quality will be lacking. Also, if the buds are moldy, that can be dangerous for your health. It is best just to cut your losses and purchase some fresh weed.

Protect Your Weed

To prevent something like this from happening again, make it a point to protect your weed. Many opt for keeping it sealed in airtight containers. Many dispensaries even sell containers they recommend on location. Just like the prized possession it is, keep it away from unwanted light exposure, moisture, and heat. This will ensure that your weed stays fresher longer.




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