A Beginner’s Guide to Using Rolling Papers

What is rolling paper?

How do you choose which is best for you?

  • Thicker paper: If you’re pretty new to cannabis in general, opt for a thicker rolling paper, such as something hemp-based. This will make it easier to get the hang of the rolling technique.
  • Plain (Mary) Jane: Don’t go for any flavored paper until you figure out which flower flavors you like. The last thing you want is a less than appealing combo!
  • The Right Size: Ask yourself this: are you planning on sharing your cannabis or smoking solo? This will help you determine the size of the paper you need. For sharing, go for 1 ¼” paper.

Step to Using Rolling Paper

Step #1: Grind your Cannabis

Step #2: Place Your Filter

Step #3: Add Your Weed

Step #4: Roll the Paper

Step #5: Wet the Adhesive

Step #6: Pack and Twist



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